Grains Causing Inflammation in the Brain? What?!

You read my title right…could grains be causing inflammation in the brain?! That was the exact question I had when I picked up my latest “pleasure read”…


As most of you know, I prefer to follow a gluten-free diet with limited grains. Check out my Gluten-Free Me post if you want to know how it all started. Although it originally began with me just wanting to boost my energy levels and simply feel better… now I am starting to think gluten has way more of an effect on people (yes, even those without celiac disease or gluten sensitivities) than I originally thought. I assumed that I was a rare case and simply did not tolerate gluten well, but maybe there was nothing “rare” about it at all.

Throughout the past year, I have studied nutrition pretty extensively and somehow the topic of gluten always popped up. One thing that is very clear is that gluten is inflammatory. However, I typically looked at this issue from a digestive standpoint until recently. Yes, it certainly can cause some serious gut issues (especially for those with an allergy or sensitivity), but could it also be inflammatory to the brain? I wanted to look into this a little more, so I grabbed Grain Brain at Barnes and Nobles a few days ago. So far I have read half of it (which occurred last night) and I am completely fascinated!

So much that my diet happened to be very anti-inflammatory today by including things like ginger, turmeric, and curry into it. Take a look…


This morning was dark and cold… which made getting out of bed quite a chore (I also stayed up fairly late reading my new book, oops!). I quickly decided a warm breakfast would suit me much better than my normal yogurt, fruit, and nut parfait, so I whipped up some eggs.

Check out my “steamy” egg/veggie scramble…


WORKOUT- 8:00am

During my break, I went to a 45 minute boot camp class. It was quite intense, so I was thankful for the hearty breakfast.

SNACK- 9:00am

When I got home I whipped up a quick smoothie in my Nutribullet. I added unsweetened almond milk, Greens First, Tera’s Vanilla Protein Powder, and 1/4 cup of frozen organic mixed berries…


and because I was still hungry, I also grabbed this Lära Bar…


LUNCH- 1:30pm

During my second break of the day I ran home to make lunch. I was totally craving peanut butter so I mixed up the batter for a Sweet Breakfast Scramble and added a big scoop of natural peanut butter on top after cooking. YUM!


DINNER- 5:30pm

With inflammation “on the brain” (and hopefully not “in the brain”), I made one of my favorite stews that just so happened to have an awesome inflammation fighting trio of spices… ginger, turmeric, and curry!

Check out this Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew! I followed the exact recipe (I recommend chopping all your ingredients first), except for the fact that I left out the cilantro and added some cayenne pepper to my single serving…


So tasty! And one of the best things about it is that I have lots of stew leftover!



Later, while writing this blog post, I sipped on a gingerade kombucha. One of my new favorite flavors!


Ginger is the bomb! Just saying!

Now I am off to finish reading my book… stay tuned because I am sure I will have lots of interesting brain info to share in the near future. 🙂

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